In today’s fast-moving, digital age, your website is one of the most important, essential elements
of your digital marketing strategy. However, websites can quickly become outdated. Because
they function as one of the most important components of your business, you should always
ensure that they have been fully updated and are continuing to effectively communicate your
company’s core ideals and offerings to potential customers. As a result, you should consistently
refresh your website and make sure that it is up-to-date with the times.

One quick and easy rule to deciding if your website needs refreshed is checking to see when it
was last updated. If your website is over four years old and has not been redesigned, then it is
definitely time for a refresh. Design trends will quickly speed forward, and your website may still
be stuck in the past. As a result, with the progressive designs made by other websites, you
should check to see if your illustrations, logos, and even mage motion animations are still
unique and creative. Overall, a modern website is key in capturing and retaining a customer’s
attention and influencing their purchasing decision.

Next, if you have found that your website is not user-friendly, then you should always hire a
designer to begin the process of updating it. According to various polls, nearly 88& of customers
will not return to a website if they experienced a hard time accessing various elements of it. With
the increasing number of easy-to-use, intuitive websites on the web, you must ensure that your
website will leave a great first impression and help customers continue to discover your content.
Similarly, if your website is slow and non-responsive at times, then you should refresh it. Today,
more and more customers are browsing the internet on their mobile devices, and your website
should be easy to access for them. If potential consumers are required to zoom in on text or
have to carefully type to avoid clinking on ads, then you should update. All in all, possessing a
website that is accessible to both desktop and mobile users is fundamental in converting your
website traffic into actual sales.

If you have updated or changed your marketing strategy, then you should always revamp the
look and feel of your website. As it is one of the primary ways that customers first encounter
your brand, it should always be up to date to your changes in approach. Key features of your
website will either assist in capturing customers or hinder them, depending on whether it
accurately communicates your company’s mission. You should always take into account your
current marketing strategy when deciding whether your website is due for a refresh. If you have
discovered that your strategy has become significantly different, you should begin the process
of redesign.

Ultimately, with the influential role that websites play in your marketing strategy, you should
always ensure that they are up-to-date with modern, eye-catching designs.