Whenever you begin to dive into the world of graphic design for t-shirts, the number of choices
can seem to be overwhelming at first. Two of the major choices are either vinyl or screen
printing. Although both options will provide you with a high-quality product, it is important to
weigh the inherent pros and cons to each before choosing.

One of the first things that you should account for before choosing is the amount of runs that
you will purchase. Usually, vinyl is best for very small runs as the set-up and take-down time is
much quicker which will help you save time and money. As the runs get larger, though, vinyl can
take much longer. Which larger runs, screen printing is the better option as it initially takes
longer to setup, but the process is then much faster. Overall, it is extremely important to decide
on the order size before choosing.

Next, you should also decide how long you would like the product to last for, and if you would
like the product to require special care instructions. While vinyl heat transfers will usually last
years on t-shirts without losing too much color, they do require a little bit more care. For
example, many vinyl shirts cannot be dry cleaned, must be washed on warm without chlorine,
and should be washed with a mild detergent. Compared to vinyl, screen printing is much easier
to maintain as they will last for years without any special care. At first, although it may seem to
be more work to take care of vinyl shirts, if you take just a little bit extra of time, then they will
stay as crisp as screen printing.

After you have chosen the final design of your product, you should then choose whether you will
utilize vinyl or screen printing. With vinyl printing, simple graphics work the best. For example, if
you are looking for a simple graphic, basic shapes, or even numbers for jerseys, then vinyl
printing is the perfect option. However, vinyl printing can lose shading or blending of colors
which can sometimes lead to a decrease in the number of fine details. Conversely, screen
printing will allow you to create more detailed creations with intricate features. Screen printing is
best if you are hoping to craft a t-shirt filled with colors and shapes.

Overall, before you order the next batch of t-shirts from your local graphic design store, you
should always plan ahead and decide which option works best for you. Vinyl and screen printing
are both great options, and by choosing between each of them, you can ensure that your t-shirts
will come out looking even better than you could have ever imagined. In short, think about the
various logistical and design details before ordering any t-shirts.